What is the I3 program?


The I3 program is put in place by the central Spanish government as an incentive to research institutes to really hire RyCs upon termination of their funding scheme.

The program more or less works as follows:

(1) the RyC needs to pass an I3 evaluation after its fourth year of RyC-hood in a favorable way;

(2) If the research institute permanently hires the RyC upon or before termination of the RyC research contract, and if the RyC has the necessary ANECA or otherwise sufficient legal accreditations, then the central government will pay an amount more or less equivalent to the first three years of hiring the researcher to the host-institute.

Note, the I3 is NOT a different contract, rather it is a funding scheme from the central government to the host-institution.



The ANIRC has performed various polls among RyC participants from which it shows that there is no correlation what sort soever between obtaining a positive I3 evaluation and obtaining a permanent contract upon expiration of the regular RyC funding scheme.


We have tried on various occasions to get to the bottom of the implementation of the I3 program in practice but failed so far to do so and even rectors of universities often fail to grasp the workings and impact of the I3 program. It seems that the I3 is channeled through the Autonomous Community governments (CCAAs) who arranges bulk deals with the central government. Next, so it seems, the CCAAs enter in negotiations with the research institutes who eventually get and manage the money. These negotiations used to happen on a five-year basis as can be read from the attached documents (in Spanish).




However, it seems that the program will only still exist for those RyCs that started in or before 2013 settling the particularities of the I3 program on a yearly and seemingly ad-hoc fashion. We managed to find out that the I3 money is payed currently over the previous years. That is to say, in 2014 the I3 money for 2013-hires makes its way to the host-institutes. It seems that any permanent contract used to be good to enter the funding program provided the other requirements were also met. Lately it is rumored that one explicitly needs Profesor Titular accreditation of the ANECA.

Although the I3 program is funded through public money and should manage yearly amounts in the order of several millions of euros, the webpage of the program has not been updated since 2011 (we write this in July, 2014).


As of June 2015, it seems that the program is suspended. A new call under the “Subprograma de Promoción del Talento y su Empleabilidad” of MINECO, similar to the former (100.000 EUR) is expected although the specific details are not known.


If you want to try your luck and find out more information one can mail to Programa I3 <programai3@mineco.es>. Please, do inform us if you find out more than is reflected on this page so that we can share the information. We ourselves received various answers of the form “this can be read on the relevant web-pages” or “the information is known with the CCAAs” etc.