¿How and when should I submit scientific reports to the Ministry during my RyC contract?

There are two reporting periods, during the second and fourth years. It is highly advisable to carefully read the instructions corresponding to your own call, as some aspects may vary from call to call.

The documents and information regarding the reporting can be found at:


Moreover, it is interesting to read the information contained in this FAQ:


What are the official contact details of the RyC program?

e-mail: ramonycajal@mineco.es

Web: http://www.idi.mineco.gob.es/portal/site/MICINN/menuitem.d20caeda35a0c5dc7c68b11001432ea0/?vgnextoid=67a04939e6b42410VgnVCM1000001d04140aRCRD (Subprograma Estatal de Incorporación, including RyC program).

Telephone numbers: +34 902 128 600 / +34 912 582 852

These are the official contact details. In any case, if you know other e-mails or direct telephone numbers, please, contact the Association so that we can update this information.

How to change my affiliation during my RyC contract?

The exact procedure may vary over different calls so we advice you to always double check with the official documents. Also, it may be helpful to contact the support team of the RyC program. However, changing affiliation in general tends to be easy. You need a new center that is willing to contract you and this center needs to be on the list of centers that are legally allowed to host RyCs. All Universities and CSIC are. There is a document that needs to be filled. Very shortly you need to argue that the new center is apt to continue your unaltered research proposal. This document needs to be signed by the vice-rectors of research of both universities and by yourself. Next, you need to send this document to the RyC program at the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness – MINECO (as of June 2015, this should be electronically sent through Carpeta Virtual de Expedientes – Facilit@ found on the MINECO website) who need to approve your proposal. In most cases, they will approve it, given that your unaltered research fits naturally in the new center too. Once given the formal approval by the Ministerio you can sign the contract with the new center. It is *very* important that there is NO day in between your old contract and the new one.

In the call for a permanent position is established that the researcher must have an I3 positive evaluation and should have his/her RyC contract finalized. At present I have an extension of the contract, thus, may the RyC contract be considered finalized?

In practice and according to official sources, the RyC contract is considered finalized once the first initial 5 years have passed. Consequently, if you are still contracted under a contract extension (6th and 7th year) and you possess a positive I3 evaluation, you are eligible to the mentioned position.

(Published 13/11/2015)

Is there any kind of extra-budget for moving into a new place of residence to start my RyC contract?

Up to now, there is not any kind of extra-money related to a settlement or moving into a new place of residence to start a RyC contract. In any case, there are some host institutions that can offer (upon request) salary advances.

May I collaborate in teaching activities in my University for more than 80 h?

RyC researchers may collaborate in teaching activities within their University as well as in other institutions (according to the article 23 of the last RyC call) reaching a maximum of 80 h per year always at their own request and with the approval of the institution. However, in case of being interested on a bigger collaboration, a RyC may ask for permission to the responsible of his/her university (Ordenación Académica) who may grant it if considered appropriate.

¿May I do other consultancy activities for a company while I hold my RyC?

Officially, a RyC researcher cannot perform different tasks than those directly related to their own research activities. The only allowed exception is to collaborate in complementary teaching activities for a maximum of 80 h per year. In any case, according to the last RyC call (article 23), the current regulations in terms of incompatibilities for the Spanish public administrations staff should be observed.

Are Ramón y Cajal researchers eligible to apply for “Sexenios de Investigación” (6-year period evaluation of scientific production evaluated by Comisión Nacional Evaluadora de la Actividad Investigadora (CNEAI))?

According to last calls, no they are not.



What does an old but official page say about the I3 program?

Although you can click on English Language, all essential information is actually in Spanish on the official I3 FAQs page.

Should I do something to apply for an I3 evaluation?

It is always good to double check these issues with your particular RyC call or with the I3 organization (916037549).


The way things have be done so far have been as follows. You receive automatically at your fourth year an evaluation form. There you can indicate if you wish to participate in the I3 program. If so, you will have to provide some additional information.