Spanish Oceanographic Institute offers a few jobs


I am looking for phD students working on fisheries biology that could be interested on joining the Long Distance Fisheries department at the Spanish Oceanography Institute after completing their education. Our department counts with a very interesting database but we need to incorporate researchers to optimise its use and increase our scientific production. Currently there are two calls to recruit young doctors: the call to recruit Ramón y Cajal phDs, and a call for post-doc contracts (see the last call published).

To increase our chances of success we need to have candidates before we apply, so I would like to use this space to encourage you to send me a line if you want more information. Bilingual candidates (English – Spanish) will be specially appreciated.

Elena Guijarro Garcia,

The Spanish Oceanographic Institute is a public research body devoted to research into marine sciences, especially in terms of the scientific knowledge of oceans, sustainability of fisheries resources and the marine environment. IEO depends on the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, directly reporting to the Secretariat of State for Research.