University of Cádiz pro-actively reaches out to RyCs


Recently, the preliminary list of names of elected RyCs has come out. Once the list is declared final, these individuals will have some time to establish a formal work-contract between them and some research institute. From experience we know that not all research institutes are treating the RyCs in an equal fashion, in particular when it comes to respecting the Tenure Track philosophy of the program. That is, where some institutes really guarantee tenure upon successfully finishing the probation period, various institutes nowadays only focus on short term issues mainly driven by teaching needs. It is therefore good if future RyCs inform themselves well about policies and expectations concerning tenure.

In this context as ANIRC we are happy to see that the University of Cádiz is pro-actively reaching out to RyCs, offering them the needed information and seemingly willing to commit to tenure. However, we also have heard some critical sounds of RyCs who are actually having troubles within the University of Cadiz getting tenure. For the moment we give the University of Cádiz the benefit of the doubt and as such we answer to the request of the University of Cádiz to pass on information that they provide on the available RyC positions they have and wish to fill, and on how many imminent retirements they foresee in the respective areas.


We also have been informed that the University of Cádiz is able to consider taking on RyCs who started first at other universities and offering them the same corresponding conditions. Of course we can only hope that other research institutes show a similar predisposition to RyC researchers.