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Biotechnology for the treatment of contamination (University of Valladolid) Dr. Raúl Muñoz (RYC-2007-01667)

Dear colleagues,

In the next lines I will try to sum up my experience in the Ramón y Cajal Program as well as my misadventures until I was stabilized as permanent hired professor (with equivalent salary and docent duties to those of an associate professor) at the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Valladolid.

I submitted a proposal to the Ramón y Cajal Program in 2007, at the beginning of my second year as Juan de la Cierva researcher (because such an option was allowed just in that call). In January 2008 I started my Ramón y Cajal contract at the above referred Department, holding a reasonable CV (nothing compared to the irrational minimums actually required). I started two research lines, one on wastewater treatment by microalgae and another on biological purification of gases ( During the 5-years Ramón y Cajal contract, and in the same way that every Ramón y Cajal researcher, I worked myself into the ground for positioning my group at an international level, gaining funds, growing up… believing (as every Ramón y Cajal researcher does) that meritocracy would help in my stabilization. “I have worked so hard that it is impossible I cannot be stabilized!! However, problems started in 2012, when reached the moment to deal about my stabilization with the chancellor administration. At the beginning of 2012, everything looked nice since my docent unit on Environmental Technology had a capacity/load ratio of 80{987377834475827bd293c9570e6e34e1fd3bfe2c9e167eb93fc77b9654f442d6}. However, the law on the 10{987377834475827bd293c9570e6e34e1fd3bfe2c9e167eb93fc77b9654f442d6} allowed reposition brought to light in the middle of 2012, and everything went wrong since then. In my favor, the stabilization compromise under positive I3 evaluation was explicitly expressed in the 2007 call. Then, even with the opposition of a trade union (whose name I rather not remember), the deputy of the University of Valladolid went on with the stabilization in the best possible way under such circumstances. The basis for my stabilization were: a favorable load/docent capacity ratio, the explicit stabilization compromise by the UVa (whose policy has been the stabilization of Ramón y Cajal Researchers) and the unconditional support by my Department and by the deputy chancellor of the UVa, who bet for meritocracy. Then, rather than a success case, my stabilization was a fortune case.


Raúl Muñoz

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