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Research on Food Flavor Chemistry at the CIAL-UAM-CSIC (Madrid) Dr. María Ángeles del Pozo Bayón (RYC-2009-05370)

I completed a University degree in Biology in 1996 (Alcala de Henares University, UAH) and two years later, I completed another one in Food Science and Technology (Autonomous University of Madrid, UAM). My scientific career started in 1998 with my incorporation at the Instituto de Fermentaciones Industriales (IFI), a research centre belonged to the Spanish National Council of Research (CSIC), where I did my PhD that was completed in 2002 with the highest qualification. In 2003, I was awarded with a European Marie-Curie post-doctoral fellowship to work at the Unité Mixte de Recherche sur les Arômes-INRA-ENESAD, Dijon, France (2003-2005), a prestigious research institution in food flavour chemistry. During this period I worked in a national French project in which 12 agro-food companies and 15 public research teams from different regions of France participated and also in a European COST action (921). Specifically, I worked on the study of the physical-chemical factors involved on aroma release from food matrices and their influence on aroma perception. In addition, I did several short stages at the Macromolecules Physical-Chemical department at INRA Nantes. Once I finished this period, I obtained a contract to work as Research Associate at the Food Science and Nutrition Department at the University of Minnesota (USA) (2005-2007), where I carried out my research in collaboration with the R&D departments of important international companies (Kellogg’s Co., Colgate Palmolive Co.) about the development of merging analytical methodologies based on real time aroma monitoring, such as Proton Transfer Reaction and Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation-Mass Spectrometry techniques (PTR-MS, APCI-MS) for their application to food products. In 2007, I renounced to my contract in the USA, and I came back to the Applied Oenology Biotechnology group at IFI after 4 years of international post-doctoral experience thanks to an I3-P contract from CSIC. In 2009, I obtained a senior research contract from the Ramón y Cajal Program (RYC-2009-05370) that allowed me starting a new line of research in my group more focused on the physiological factors affecting aroma release during wine intake and the impact of wine non-volatile composition on the in vivo aroma release. Since 2010, I am Research Scientist, with a permanent position at the Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL) (CSIC-UAM), where I am working on wine oral processing and the impact of oral physiology (saliva, oral mucosa, oral microbiota) on wine aroma release and wine aroma perception, a very new and promising research line in Food Science. Beside my research activity, I have been recently chosen as Head of the Biotechnology and Microbiology Department. In addition other science-related activities that form part of my work is the participation in National and International Project evaluation processes, the organization of the CIAL “science week”, I am reviewer of Scientific SCI Journals in Food analytical, Food chemistry and Food sensory disciplines, and I form part of the Editorial board of a scientific on-line Journal (ISB-Chromatography). In addition I am co-director of the CSIC specialization course for graduate students “New trends in oenological research”.

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