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Research on Tuberculosis at the FISABIO (Valencia) Dr. Iñaki Comas (RYC-2012-10627)

Iñaki Comas has just gained an ERC Starting Grant for the proposal entitled Integrating genomics, epidemiology and evolution to accelerate tuberculosis eradication (TB-ACCELERATE). Here you have a link to the news:

Next is a brief description of this researchers career. I graduated in biological sciences at the University of Valencia and did my PhD in the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology. My PhD was funded by a FPU fellowship and allowed me to get specialized in bacterial pathogens genome analysis. After my thesis I moved to London, to the National Institute for Medical Research (part of the MRC). I got a position as a Career Development Fellow in the group of Sebastien Gagneux in the Mycobacterial division. In London I specialized in the application of next generation sequencing techniques to new tuberculosis diagnoses and treatment. After London, I applied and got a Marie Curie IEF FP7 to work in CSISP in Valencia. As part of my work on tuberculosis I have been involved in activities in developing countries to foster collaborations, technology transfer and training in Ghana and Ethiopia. I have been involved and participated in different projects and I have built together with Dr. Gagneux a network of collaborations from different developing countries and local collaborations in Valencia and Spain to study the pathogen, the host and drug resistance. At present, I am a Ramón y Cajal Researcher and have started a new Tuberculosis research programme as part of a public health institute (FISABIO-Public Health) in Valencia, Spain.

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